Kecak and Fire dance at Uluwatu Temple

Kecak dance is the most popular show on Bali and is always full of spectators at the show every day at Uluwatu.The Kecak dance is performed at various places and events on Bali.

The show (originally) all male, is sung and danced without musical instruments. At Uluwatu the seated outdoor Theatre stands on solid rock with a height of many tens of meters, Performances are stage designed in such a way that it has the majestic Indian Ocean as its backdrop and timed for the unmissable,captivating and breathtaking Sunset views.

So whilst taking in the awesome Sunset at 18.00 or just before Sunset the show starts. The show takes the story of the Ramayana story with main characters like Rama,Shinta,Rawana and funny clowns who interact with the large audience making much laughter. A MUST SEE SHOW.

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